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Tinnitus Treatment Tucson

Tinnitus Treatment Tucson

Looking for professional tinnitus treatment in Tucson? You’ve found it! Sonora Hearing Care, LLC offers a wide variety of audiology services and is dedicated to helping you with your hearing problems. We have the education, diagnostic testing, and treatment options available for you to take control of your hearing loss. Whether it’s a new issue or something you’ve been dealing with for years, we have everything you need to assist you in hearing better.

Tinnitus is often said to be a ringing in the ear, but it can present itself in many other ways. Depending on the affected person, it can be ringing, humming, roaring, or even a high pitched tone. We can help diagnose you if you think you suffer from tinnitus. With education and personalized treatment plans, you can find new and better ways to cope with tinnitus.

Suffering from tinnitus can go beyond just affecting your hearing. It can disturb other areas of your life, including your mental health. Our tinnitus treatment plans have been helping Tucson sufferers for years. We can determine new ways to help you tune out and cope with the tinnitus sound with assistive devices, sound therapies, and even relaxation techniques. You can learn to ignore the symptoms of your affliction and get back to better sleep, improved moods, and more.

Our audiology staff is ready to help you overcome the effects of your tinnitus. Call us today to learn more about the tinnitus treatment options available in Tucson. One appointment with us may change the way you hear the world around you!