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Hearing Test in Tucson, AZ

How to Prepare for Your Hearing Test
In preparation for your hearing test, please gather any information on your family medical history, your medical history, recent injuries and recent illnesses. Also include times you have been exposed to loud noises. We also ask that you bring a list of your medications.

What to Expect from Sonora Hearing Care Test

Physical Examination
After the initial consultation, Sonora Hearing Care will examine your ear with a otoscope. The Audiologist will examine your ear canals for wax build up, any signs of trauma or injury. 

After your physical examination, if you are are wearing hearing aids, you will be asked to remove them. You will be seated in our soundproof room and given ear inserts or headphones to put on.


Sonora Hearing Care will conduct a series of tests listed below:

Pure Tone Audiometry:
Tones will be played through the earphones you will be wearing. You will be asked to respond to the tones you are hearing by pressing a button you are holding or by raising your hand.

Speech and Word Recognition:
Your audiologist will present a series of words in a varying degree of loudness. You will then be asked to repeat them. The purpose of this test is to determine the ease of which you recognise patterns and syllables in conversations.
Speech in Noise testing may also be performed, which helps to determine your ability to hear and understand speech in noisy environments.

After the Hearing Test:
The test results will be recorded to an audiogram. The audiogram is a visual representation of your hearing. The Speech recognition test will be marked as a percentage. These tests will indicate the level and range of hearing loss. Sonora Hearing Care will use the test results and determine whether or not your hearing requires treatment and determine the best course of action for your hearing and communication needs.

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