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Cochlear Implant

Sonora Hearing Care, LLC offers cochlear implant services in Tucson. From diagnostic testing to device mapping, our team will take care of you and your implant. These surgically placed devices are able to help deaf and severely hearing impaired people hear better and more clearly. The cochlear testing services we provide can help determine if you are a good candidate for device placement. Once the device is placed, we can activate and map it right here in our office.

With proper evaluation, you can see if you could qualify for a cochlear implant. Tucson residents trust us with all of their audiology needs, big and small. While we cannot place the cochlear devices, we can manage all of the other tasks related to it, including activation and cochlear testing. Device mapping is important to you and the implant, as it can help fine tune its settings to best suit your needs. Mapping can take several visits, especially early on in the device’s usage, but it is a simple process that will help in the long term.

We offer other hearing services, including more diagnostic testing, hearing aids, and education about various forms of hearing loss. We proudly serve the Tucson community. Cochlear implants are just one of the ways we help those with hearing issues. From minor to severe, we aim to help everyone with hearing loss improve their lives with treatments and therapies.

Introducin­g Kanso™
Kanso™ is Cochlear’s newest sound processor. It’s discreet and easy to use, without compromising on hearing performance technology.

Kanso Sound Processor

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