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Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth Hearing aids use wireless technology, helping you to easily connect to iPhones and Android phones.

Hearing aids of yesteryear limited the access to personal listening devices like iPods and music players. In order to enjoy music while exercising, you have to remove the hearing aids and replace them with earbuds. This becomes tedious when keeping track of your hearing aids while exercising.

How do bluetooth hearing aids work?

During your consultation with Sonora Hearing Care, we will discuss your needs for wireless connectivity. If you want or need to connect to an iPhone (iOS), Android phone, tablet, MP3 players or other bluetooth enabled device, we recommend a set of wireless hearing aids.

What are the Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

Bluetooth hearing aids offer many opportunities that were unavailable before smartphones were available.

Personal Connection

You can set the audio to one or both hearing aids, the signal can be amplified, shaped and controlled to personalize your settings. The bluetooth hearing aid’s volume can be controlled by the device or the hearing aids themselves, depending on the manufacturer’s design. When the bluetooth device is paired with devices, the hearing aids will receive the signal from your phone via a FM signal or electromagnetic field, depending on the manufacturer’s design. For music lovers, the hearing aids become wireless headphones or earbuds. Another option for parents with young ones: you can stream to one ear leaving the other free to listen to what’s happening in the room.


You can be connected to your tablet watching a movie while being connected to your phone to receive important phone calls.

Control in your hands

Quickly access the capabilities of your bluetooth hearing aids.  This is useful if your hearing aids are too small to comfortably adjust your setting manually.


  • Enhanced sound quality

  • Reduced Background Noise

  • Greater control over your hearin


    • Comfort and convenience

    • Stream audio from any Bluetooth-enable devices (iPhones, Android devices, tablets, laptops and computers) to your hearing aids

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