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Summer is in full swing, and with it so are summer vacations. Unfortunately, traveling with hearing aids can leave you feeling more stressed than usual when prepping for your big getaway.

So, in an effort to make life just a little less stressful, we have come up with some great tips to consider when getting ready to go on your fun-filled break from the daily grind.

By Plane

  • Find out if the airport(s) you’re going through offer telecommunication devices for the deaf/hearing impaired. If not, give the airport(s) a call to see if an employee may accompany you to communicate any important information personally
  • Keep an eye on the monitors for any potential updates or delays of your flight. Audio announcements may be difficult to hear among the hustle and bustle of an airport
  • Do not remove your hearing aid at any time during your flight to avoid missing any vital information
  • Be aware that, as someone who is deaf/hearing impaired, you will not be allowed to sit in the exit row for safety purposes

By Train, By Automobile

  • Avoid traveling alone, if you can. Traveling with a family member or friend gives you an extra set of ears and allows for easier communication overall
  • Pay special attention to the names of stops (or exits) to avoid missing yours. Many stops have signs at the platform stating the name of the stop

When You Arrive at Your Hotel

  • Have printed copies of your reservation handy to avoid any confusion or miscommunication with staff
  • Let the front desk know that you’re hearing impaired/deaf to ensure someone notifies you in person in the event of an emergency or announcement

While You’re Away

  • In general, it’s a good idea to take and keep replacement batteries with you, just in case. If your batteries are rechargeable and you’re going abroad, be sure to purchase the proper electrical adapter for your destination
  • Designing your plans around hearing-friendly places/activities would be ideal. Also, if you have a guide dog, call ahead to ensure they’re allowed on the property
  • Take a cleaning kit with you for your hearing aid(s) and consider a dehumidifier to dry them out each night, especially if you’re traveling to a destination that has a hot and humid climate

By following these tips, you’ll find yourself well prepared, safe and comfortable for whatever life throws at you on your next great adventure.

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