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Audiologist-Approved Hearing Protection Products For Under $200

The temperatures are warming up and we’re heading outside to enjoy more time with friends and family. This is what it’s all about, right? Unfortunately, many of the things we spend time doing in the warmer months can have adverse effects on our hearing health. I’m talking about outdoor concerts, sporting events, fireworks, and even yard work.

One thing that we hear from patients who are experiencing hearing loss or tinnitus is that they wished they would have done more to protect their hearing before they developed these life-changing issues. Just like you carry around a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes, you should be carrying around hearing protection to protect your ears!

So, we’re here to share three products that you can buy for under $200 that will help protect your hearing this summer… and beyond!

Our List of Must-Have Summertime Hearing Protection

#1 – Low-Profile Hearing Protection

Low-profile hearing protection products are created for those on the go, and they’re great for people who don’t care for the basic foam inserts that you can get anywhere. I recommend wearing these for everything from loud events to using a power tool in your workshop. 

When choosing a product like this, think about how much sound you want to filter out. For example, if you are at the movie theater, you may want to filter out less sound compared to an environment like a nightclub. Some manufacturers allow you to select how much filtering you want, so if this is something you want, be sure to look for a brand that offers that option.

#2 – Custom Ear Plugs

Custom ear plugs are great for so many things, but especially for getting a good night’s sleep. They’re great for those who work overnight shifts, which, let’s face it, is more difficult in the summer than it is in the winter. These custom ear plugs are also handy in loud environments!

It’s important to note that not everyone needs to wear custom hearing protection. If you don’t mind the foam inserts, we are totally fine with people using those as well. When worn properly, they offer a good amount of protection, and you can’t beat the price point.

#3 – High Strength Silicone Hearing Protection

So far, we’ve discussed products that help in “everyday” moments. But in the summer, we are often exposed to extremely high levels of noise. Whether you’re operating a chainsaw or doing some recreational target practice, you want to make sure you have some decent ear protection!

For this, you want to look for some high strength silicone hearing protection. In our office, we can fit you with a full earmold style that provides up to 27 dB NRR protection. These are great for construction workers, farmers, and those with recreational hobbies like hunting and racing.

The best hearing protector is the one that will be worn consistently and properly. But we also know that cost matters. Keep in mind many of these items are eligible to be covered by your FSA or HSA dollars. If you need help finding custom hearing protection that is covered, reach out to us, and we would be happy to send you a few of our recommendations!

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