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Hearing aids continue to get better and more sophisticated every year in tandem with continuing technological advancements worldwide. Smartphone compatibility and Bluetooth connectivity are some of the many major advancements made to hearing aids that can enhance daily living for those with hearing loss.

Here’s a closer look at the latest hearing aid technologies and how to contact the audiologists at Sonora Hearing Care, to get custom-fitted for hearing aids.


Bluetooth is a technology that allows hearing aids to connect wirelessly to smartphones and other mobile devices that also have Bluetooth. The signal emitted from Bluetooth devices directly enters the processor in the hearing aid without going through the microphone. As a result, Bluetooth hearing aids produce no feedback, less interference, and a better signal-to-noise ratio.

Bluetooth hearing aids also provide a highly personalized hearing experience, as users can control the audio and volume in each of the hearing aids and pair their hearing aids with smartphones, tablets, and all other Bluetooth devices. This means that people with Bluetooth hearing aids can listen to music, make phone calls, and watch their favorite shows or movies without distracting background noise.


In older hearing aids, batteries had to be changed every few days or weeks. This was time-consuming and costly for many hearing aid users—especially over a long period. Today, the majority of new hearing aids released have built-in rechargeable batteries that don’t require replacing. Rechargeable hearing aids can be connected to a stationary or portable charging case at any time and charged quickly without hassle.

Smartphone Connectivity

Many new hearing aids can now be managed with apps that can be installed on smartphones. These apps allow users to easily monitor the battery life of their hearing aids, make hearing adjustments, and contact their audiologists for support. Some hearing aid apps even allow users to translate foreign languages and convert speech to text.

Speech Clarity

Over the years, manufacturers of hearing aids have learned how to improve speech clarity to help people with hearing loss understand speech far more easily and clearly. Adjustments made to improve echoing, directional hearing, and spatial configuration are some of the many technological improvements that have been made to newer hearing aids.

Many people who wear hearing aids need enhanced speech clarity and not a higher volume. Enhanced speech clarity can make it easier for people with hearing loss to communicate better with others, even in the most challenging of environments that tend to be loud and busy.

Noise Reduction

Whistling, echoing, and feedback were common problems among older hearing aids due to their inability to fade or filter background noises. These distractions made it difficult for people with hearing aids to understand and follow conversations.

Noise reduction is a hearing aid technology that effectively filters out background noise so users can have a more natural hearing experience. This helps cut down on any ear discomfort or frustration when communicating with others.
The audiologists at Sonora Hearing Care are devoted to working with you to protect your hearing and reduce your risk for hearing loss. We can talk to you about different hearing aid features and help you choose a device that features your desired hearing aid technology. Contact us today at (520) 881-8740 to request an appointment and to learn more about our many available hearing services.