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Every June is Men’s Health Month.

In honor of Men’s Health Month, Sonora Hearing Care wants to encourage males of all ages to take charge of their hearing health by making certain lifestyle choices that can reduce their risk for hearing loss and hearing-related conditions.

Facts About Hearing Loss In Men

Men between the ages of 20 and 69 are two times more likely to suffer from hearing loss than women in the same age group. Also, an estimated 18% of adults between 20 and 69 with hearing loss in both ears say it was caused by being exposed to very loud noises in their workplaces.

Compared with women, men tend to engage more frequently in activities that expose them to loud noises that can cause hearing loss, such as hunting, using fireworks, and working with power tools. Exposure to loud music and loud construction sites are other risk factors associated with hearing loss in men.

Unfortunately, despite being at higher risk for hearing loss, men are often less likely than women to seek treatment.

Hearing and Overall Health

Hearing plays a vital role in overall health. Without good hearing, it can be difficult to communicate with others and enjoy everyday pleasures such as music, television, and the sounds of nature.

Hearing loss may cause dementia—especially in older adults. Over time, when communication becomes more difficult, hearing loss can also increase the risk of depression and social isolation.

The Connection Between Hearing and Mental Health

Many people who cannot hear well may find it easier to stay at home than to be social with others—especially when communication becomes increasingly difficult. Hearing loss can cause social situations to become frustrating, embarrassing, and tiring. It can even cause strain in relationships.

According to the National Institutes of Health, moderate-to-severe depression affects 11.4% of U.S. adults with hearing loss compared with 5.9% who do not suffer from hearing loss. Fortunately, getting treatment for hearing loss can have positive effects on mental health, as it may reduce symptoms of depression. Studies show that after three months of regular use, hearing aids can significantly reduce depression symptoms.

Preventing Hearing Loss

Though hearing loss may be common among men, there are plenty of practical steps men can take to reduce their risk. Many cases of hearing loss can often be easily prevented.

Ways to prevent hearing loss include:

  • Wearing earplugs when working around loud noises. Many audiologists can make custom earplugs for musicians, construction workers, and others frequently exposed to loud noises.
  • Avoiding extremely loud places and activities. Without proper ear protection, activities like watching fireworks and attending concerts increase the risk of hearing loss.
  • Taking breaks from loud music and other noises to reduce exposure.
  • Replacing faulty machines, parts, or equipment that may be causing loud noises, such as mufflers and fan belts on vehicles.

Audiologists can also work closely with men to reduce their risk for hearing loss, especially those who may be at greater risk due to their jobs or environments.

Sonora Hearing Care, LLC is devoted to working with patients to reduce their risk for hearing loss and hearing-related conditions. For those experiencing any hearing loss, contact Sonora today at (520) 881-8740 to request an appointment and learn more about available treatment options.