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Hearing Aids Tucson AZWe offer a wide variety of services, including hearing aids, in Tucson AZ. Ready for your first appointment with us? Here’s what you can expect! For hearing tests with a consultations, appointments are scheduled for 90 minutes. We will take this time to discuss your hearing needs and concerns, including a case history with some questions about your hearing. The audiologist will examine your ears to determine if something within the ear is preventing you from hearing well. A comprehensive evaluation is next, which includes listening for tones, speech, speech in noise, and middle ear testing. After all tests are completed, the audiologist near you will discuss your results and any recommendations for treatment and management. You are welcomed and encouraged to bring along a friend or family member in order to help you through the process and help you make any important decisions.

Our services go far beyond initial hearing testing and diagnosis.

We offer a variety of hearing aid services, including programming, fitting, and repairs. If you have tinnitus or suffer from “ringing in the ears”, we have many service options available in the clinic, including education, management techniques, and even treatment options if your condition qualifies.

We also offer cochlear implant services. We can complete the evaluation to see if you are eligible and a good candidate for the implant as well as the activation and initial mapping of the device after the implant is placed. Any additional mapping and verification of placed devices can be done as needed in our office to help you fine tune the implant to ensure it is its most effective.

We work with you to make sure you understand all of your available options and have the education and professional support you need to treat and manage your symptoms. From tinnitus management to hearing aids, we help Tucson AZ get the care it needs! If you have any questions about our hearing aid services, insurance plans or you’re ready to schedule an appointment, give us a call today! We’ve been serving the Tucson AZ area for years with hearing aids and other services and look forward to serving you.