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What are Real Ear Measures?

Real Ear Measures are a best practice that are used to determine how a hearing aid is functioning while in a person’s ear canal. It is used to determine the right amount of amplification by making sure that soft sounds are audible, moderate volume sounds are comfortable and loud sounds are tolerable.

Real Ear Measures use the measurement of sound pressure levels in a patient’s ear canal that is developed when a hearing aid is worn. It is measured with the use of a silicone probe tube inserted in the ear canal and connected to a microphone outside the ear. This is done to verify that the hearing aid is providing suitable amplification for a patient’s hearing loss.

Real ear Measures are recommended by National Audiology organizations for accurate hearing aid fittings. Performing Real Ear Measurements at the initial fitting can help ensure the person will receive just the right amount of amplification: Not too loud and not too soft, which ensures the proper level of amplification, making speech easier to understand.

A recent survey by the Hearing Review reported that approximately 34% of audiologists use Real Ear Measurements on a regular basis. However, hearing aid fittings that had Real Ear Measurements performed, had a higher rate of satisfaction and improved aided benefit in both quiet and noisy environments. Sonora Hearing Care, LLC commits to performing best practices, which include Real Ear Measurements. You can also learn more about real ear measurements by going to our video section and watching a video by Clifford Olson that describes Real Ear Measurements.