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Problem: people often forget to come in for updated hearing evaluations after they obtain hearing aids. They also don’t know when the right time is to upgrade. 

Solution: Make sure you are seen for your regular hearing aid checks and annual hearing screening. 

New Year, New Sounds!?

The question we receive from patients frequently…”When is it time to upgrade my hearing aids?”

There are many factors to consider when it comes to making this choice! This week, we’ll walk through some of the variables to keep in mind when you’re making this decision. 

Every year all of the top hearing aid manufacturers come out with new features in their devices (think: size, rechargeability, noise management, and connectivity…). Generally, we notice around 5 years there have been enough advancements in technology that make the upgrade worth the investment.

However, for certain individuals, this might mean that your current devices are still functioning FINE when you make the choice to upgrade! Some of our patients even share that they prefer to upgrade before their current devices start having problems, as it can be a positive thing to have a functioning BACKUP in the event that you need it!

Ultimately, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ time to upgrade hearing aids. Some things to consider if you’re on the fence:

-Has it been over 5 years since you’ve invested in hearing aids?

-Is your current device damaged? Sometimes it’s more advantageous to upgrade both vs. paying for a ‘new’ dated device.

If you’re curious to walk through pros and cons of new technology, please ask your audiologist about what’s changed since your last hearing aid purchase. We will work alongside you in making sure you’re investing in something worthwhile that will help provide improved sound quality in your daily life!

Do you feel like your hearing aids are not functioning to their fullest potential?

Do you notice that your hearing aids are making random noises?

Do your hearing aids short out or work intermittently?

Are you noticing reduced battery life or performance?

These are all signs that your current devices should be evaluated. Sometimes a simple repair or servicing can resolve these issues. However, depending on the life or warranty of your hearing aid, this might not always be possible.

For example: if you’re noticing these issues in year 4 or 5 of your hearing aid and the warranty is expired, it may be worth investing in new technology. Kind of like a car, how much money is it worth investing in the old vs. considering something new?

At Sonora Hearing Care, we truly want to provide you with all the choices to help you make the best decision. Our goal is always to help you hear your best within your means. We promise to listen to you and find solutions that meet your needs!

Do you find limitations in your daily listening environments?

Are certain situations still challenging for you to follow conversation?

Are work meetings still hard for you to follow?

Are you still struggling to hear in restaurants, crowds, or busy areas?

Even with the best fit, top of the line technology, hearing aids still have limitations in what they can provide. We counsel our patients that unfortunately hearing aids do not REPLACE hearing, but AID hearing.  The truth is (for most patients) we are delivering prescribed volume via a hearing aid into a distorted auditory system (hearing loss). We cannot RESTORE your auditory system, but we can do our best to match your listening needs with products that are suited for your everyday listening environments.

Thankfully, sound quality is improving in every technology launch. Over the course of a few years, we can confidently say that speech in noise technology continually improves. Chances are, if your hearing aids are 5 years or older, there is very likely new noise management technology that can help improve your ability to hear in those difficult listening environments!

Curious to learn more? Call today to schedule an appointment!

Are you curious about the convenience of connectivity?

Do you wish you had hearing aids that allowed you to hear better on the phone?

Do you wish your devices streamed podcasts, music, audio books, and more?

We are constantly amazed by the innovative ways hearing aids are able to improve our patient’s lives. Not only is the sound processing continually evolving to provide more favorable acoustics, but features like streaming audio directly from your phone are extremely helpful! Individuals with hearing loss often have difficulty on the phone for several reasons. Factors like compromised cell service, lack of visual cues, and listening with one ear (vs two) prove to be challenging for those with hearing loss. 

Now most hearing aids allow for DIRECT streaming from the hearing aids to the phone, delivering improved sound quality in phone calls (and music, audio books, podcasts and more!).

If your current hearing aids don’t offer this feature and you’re curious to know more about this technology, please consider scheduling a visit to talk to your audiologist. We understand technology isn’t everyone’s ‘language’, but we’re equipped to answer questions about connectivity, Bluetooth, and more!

Are you unsatisfied with the brand of hearing aid you have?

Each patient is unique in their listening needs. It’s not uncommon for patients to develop a hearing aid brand preference! Occasionally a patient will trial 2 different brands and quickly notice a sound quality preference between the two! Sometimes a test drive is the best way to know what is going to work for YOU in your everyday life. This is a service that we offer routinely.

Are you new to the area and looking for an opinion on your hearing aids?

Or are you curious to learn more about the brands/devices we offer?

We’re happy to walk you through the brands we work with based on:

patient satisfaction

positive outcomes and

brand durability!

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