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Your hearing aids are an important part of your life. You rely on them to help you hear every day. It is important to keep your hearing aids in good condition so that they continue to work well for you. Here are some tips on how to maintain your hearing aids.

Maintaining Your Hearing Aids


  • Your hearing aids need daily cleaning and maintenance to keep them working well. If they become dirty, clean them with a cloth dampened in warm water and mild soap. Do not use harsh chemicals that may cause damage to or discolor them. Never immerse your hearing aids in water.
  • Keep your hearing aids dry. Remove them before showering, swimming or bathing and keep them away from moisture (like in a bathroom) as the condensation may damage the electronics.

Battery Care

  • Be sure to keep the battery door on your hearing aid clean and free of dirt and wax. If the battery contacts are dirty, they will not make good contact with the batteries, and your hearing aid may not work properly. Clean the contacts with a moistened cotton swab and be careful not to damage or bend the contacts.
  • If you wear your hearing aids all day, they may need more than one battery change per day. If you remove your hearing aids during the day for a period of time, replace the battery when you put them back in. This will help keep the battery fresh and ready to go when you need it.
  • Take the batteries out at night and leave the battery compartment open so moisture can escape. This will ensure that they stay dry and that the batteries don’t corrode or get damaged. This will also extend the life of the batteries.

Boost Performance with Accessories

  • Enhance your hearing aid’s capabilities by using top accessories, such as Bluetooth. With Bluetooth, you can set audio to one or both hearing aids, and the signal can be amplified and controlled to your personal levels. You can listen to music and even take phone calls all through your hearing aids.

Avoid Outdated Technology

  •  Don’t start out with older models. Hearing aids have advanced rapidly for the last several years and today’s devices perform much better than those from a few years ago. Hearing aids can be a big investment, but they are well worth keeping up-to-date to ensure your quality of life.

Maintenance Check-ups

  • See your audiologist regularly for routine check-ups to ensure your hearing aids are in top shape. Today’s devices can be very complex, and anytime you are concerned you are not getting what you need out of your hearing aids, your audiologist will have the expertise and knowledge to help you get the most out of them.
  • Know your warranty. Hearing aids are usually backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, and most repairs should be covered by this. If you know your warranty is about to expire, schedule an appointment to make sure your hearing aids are performing at their best.

If you are concerned that your hearing devices aren’t giving you what you need, or you would like to find out more information about our state-of-the-art Bluetooth hearing aids, schedule a consultation at Sonora Hearing Care today.