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Sometimes, when my patients discuss hearing aid use with me, they mention they are worried it will sound unnatural or too loud. But this is an outdated way to look at it. Hearing aids have gotten so technologically advanced over the years, they now give a much clearer, crisper sound quality then they used to.

At Sonora Hearing Care, LLC,  we believe that the right hearing technology can help you feel younger. I know, at this point you are rolling your eyes at me aren’t you! Just hear me out! 

It’s not uncommon for our patients, who suffer from untreated hearing loss say they used to enjoy socializing but now find it difficult to have conversations in public places like restaurants, bars, or large gatherings. Soon, they start cutting back on these kinds of activities or just pretend to understand conversations by nodding and smiling when they feel it’s appropriate. This usually leads to embarrassment if the topic of conversation is misunderstood or our having to ask the speaker to constantly repeat themselves. Even a MILD hearing loss can bring on these types of situations!

We know those with untreated hearing loss don’t want to live like this. They want to be out there, confidently engaging with friends and family! In my opinion, this is how our new hearing technology can help you feel and look younger.

How Hearing Technology Can Keep You Feeling Young

Let’s talk about some of the specific ways hearing technology (like hearing aids) can help you feel young and STAY feeling young for years and years to come!

They Boost Brain Power – We’ve all heard that boosting your brain power is a key way to stay mentally nimble as you age. Hearing aids can help you stay young by helping you in conversations, enjoy your favorite shows, movies, music, podcasts, talk radio programs… and all of the other things that stretch and challenge your brain!

They Help You Feel Independent – Being able to hear important sounds around the house – like the doorbell, phone, or alarms – is key to maintaining your independence. With improved hearing, you will be able to more easily navigate your surroundings and enjoy a fuller, more engaged life at home for much longer than you would without hearing aids.

They Help You Connect – Not only will you be able to engage with your loved ones better when they’re in the room with you, you can also use your hearing aid’s features to broadcast a telephone call directly into both of your ears. Having a conversation in both ears rather than just one is a game-changer and will drastically impact the way you connect with people. No more constantly asking others to repeat!

They Improve Your Balance – Did you know that those who have untreated (or undertreated) hearing loss are at a greater risk for falling? Hearing aids can help in two significant ways: 1) it can help you feel balanced when you are hearing properly from both ears this has proven to help prevent falls and 2) certain hearing aid brands can sense a fall and send an alert message to your pre-selected contacts to inform them that a fall has occurred.

Have we convinced you that hearing aid technology can actually rewind the clock and keep you feeling young? We hope so! If you’re interested in learning more or scheduling a hearing evaluation, give us a call at 520-881-8740 or contact us here. The team at Sonora Hearing Care, LLC, can’t wait to collaborate with you to increase your quality of life!