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Doctor Cristi Moore from Sonora Hearing Care talks to Special Guest Susan Smith about heart health and your hearing.

Susan Smith is a wife, mother, grandma, sister, and friend.  Now retired, she’s been many things in her productive life – an author & writing teacher, banker, jewelry designer, and most recently, a Mayo Clinic trained WomenHeart Champion.

In February 2018, Susan had a heart attack on a day she was too busy to be bothered with a few aches and pains.  She survived the attack, and lives to educate women about heart disease – the No. 1 killer of women.  

Susan shares her story, highlighting how symptoms for women’s heart attacks are dramatically different than men’s. She’s passionate on sharing the steps to be a “heart smart” woman. Susan’s heart story resonates with women who thrive on the “busyness” of taking care of everything and everybody but themselves. You can see her in the television commercials for Tucson Medical Center cardiac campaign and spreading the word in women’s groups across Tucson.

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