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Cochlear Implant Testing Safford, AZ

Young woman with cochlear implant

If you live in Safford, AZ and are ready to learn more about cochlear implant testing, hearing aid repair, hearing aid programming, or any other hearing-related service, contact the experts you can trust at Sonora Hearing Care, LLC (located in Tucson). We will work with you, individually, to learn about your entire spectrum of needs in terms of your unique hearing loss and lifestyle. If you already own a hearing aid, we can help you restore it to its peak functionality. Sometimes, a simple reprogramming can make a significant impact to your hearing. We are also proud to offer educational services, patient support, and diagnostic testing; all with the goal of helping you improve your quality of life through better hearing.

Improve your hearing

Sonora Hearing Care, LLC is honored to offer our hearing aid repair and cochlear implant testing services to our neighbors in Safford, AZ. We have helped people of all ages live better lives through improved hearing, even for those that only suffer minor hearing loss. We offer hearing tests to help you determine if you are a viable candidate for a cochlear implant. Upon being fitted with your cochlear implant processor, we can take care of all the activation and mapping, fine-tuning your device for optimal functionality that is tailored to your specific needs. Cochlear implants aren’t for everyone, but we will most likely have another device that does accommodate your needs and lifestyle.

When you are ready to learn more about cochlear implant testing for you or someone you know in Safford, AZ, contact the professionals you can depend on at Sonora Hearing Care, LLC. The journey towards improved hearing starts with some simple hearing aid testing. We look forward to putting you on the path to better hearing.