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Cochlear Implant Green Valley AZ

Cochlear Implant Green Valley AZ

When you’ve made the life changing decision to get a cochlear implant, you’ll want the expertise of the best hearing clinic available to Green Valley, AZ. At Sonora Hearing Care, LLC (located in Tucson), we are the leading experts in hearing with over 25 years of experience. Under the care and guidance of owner and audiologist Cristi Moore, we’re ready to help you every step of the way.

Perhaps you’ve just received some concerning hearing aid test results and you’re trying to make the decision whether or not to receive a cochlear implant. From the moment you first step foot through the doors of our clinic, we will strive to find the answers to your hearing issues. We know how important it is to treat the root cause of the issue with care and compassion. By utilizing cochlear testing and other diagnostic techniques, we can get to the root of your hearing issues and possibly recommend you as a candidate for a cochlear implant.

If you’ve decided you’d like to benefit from a cochlear implant, we can recommend a specialty surgeon local to Green Valley, AZ who will implant the device for you. Following this procedure, you can return to our clinic, where we will activate the device for you. We then begin the process of mapping your implant. This task requires the utmost precision and may even require several visits for perfection. Mapping your implant is vital because it fine tunes it to fit your special needs.

We truly believe that no other audiology clinic can provide the quality care that we do at Sonora Hearing Care, LLC. We’re simply passionate about educating our patients and providing the best, most compassionate service out there. Call us today to get the ball rolling on your journey towards better hearing!