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Hearing aids have been available to the public since 1913. Thankfully, the hearing aids in use today have evolved a lot since their first release. While these devices are still not able to cure hearing loss, they are able to enhance an individual’s hearing experience and quality of life. Ever-evolving features being developed for hearing aids allow those who use them to gain a lot more than increased volumes of sound.

Individualized Needs

Depending on each person’s lifestyle and hobbies, various technological and physical features may be able to enhance the everyday hearing experience. 

  • If you notice problems with the fit of your devices in relation to your lifestyle, you may consider switching styles. Behind-the-ear (BTE), in-the-ear (ITE), or in-the-canal (ITC) are just a few style options that could better fit your needs. 
  • If you spend more time in the office and on calls, various technological characteristics such as Bluetooth functions can enhance the efficiency of your hearing device. 
  • When it comes to choosing your first set of hearing aids or upgrading your current pair, do your research. Talking to your audiologist will help you learn more about your needs and all that you can get into one tiny package.  

Besides the ability to tailor your hearing aids to an exceptionally customized level, following are three more amazing features that may surprise you.

1. Data Logging

Some hearing aids are designed with the ability to log various forms of data. The collected data can then be used for manual fine tuning or real-time adjustments. This helps you and your audiologist work together to set your hearing aids to optimum settings for your lifestyle and the types of sounds you hear on a regular basis. Some logging software can even produce information about how your experience in a certain environment could have varied if the settings had been different.

2. Go Remote with Bluetooth

Different aids, including Bluetooth hearing aids, may be compatible for remote control. Remote control of hearing aids can help each user work with their aids more efficiently than working with the automatic settings and limited control. 

Additionally, you can link your hearing aids to various devices like your phone, TV and computer for a more complete hearing experience. Some hearing aids can even monitor daily health levels and be seen in one cohesive smart phone application.

3. Language Translation

Modern hearing aids may be the answer to real-time language translation. Software developers recognized the complex algorithms that play into technologically advanced hearing aids. With small updates to the system, a hearing aid can be the perfect place for a language translation system. Some devices already have the ability to translate up to 27 different languages! The biggest challenge for this new technology is the battery power needed to operate it. 

In a world of ever-changing technology and the goal of exceptional hearing in mind, software developers are taking big steps. Your hearing aid may soon be considered one of the most versatile items on the market. Talk to your audiologist at Sonora Hearing Care to find out which options are best suited for you. Schedule your consultation today!